SM w Gostyniu

plakat baranek

We are pleased to announce that today, i.e. on 16 March 2015 we launch the sale of Easter lambs from Gostyń.

The Gostyń lamb is made from butter (83% of fat). It weighs 70 g net. The genuine lamb is encased in a special plastic bag embossed with our logo - the Gostyń cow - and labelled with the light green product information.

Lambs are available in Gostyń, Leszno, Poznań and its surroundings, Warsaw and the Tri-City. They are sold by chains of Selgros, Polomarket, Piotr i Paweł, and Makro stores, as well as in selected E. Leclerc stores.

Besides lambs, you may also buy there our other products, so view the map to check their availability

Do you know that?

The bone mineralisation process ends when a person is about 30, the accumulated calcium is used as a reserve throughout the rest of life and, consequently, the amount of the element is naturally reduced, at first slowly (about 1% a year) and then quicker and quicker.

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