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The Dairy Cooperative in Gostyn, established in June 1889, had its condensed milk and milk powder production facilities opened in 1979.


Presently the plant is equipped with modern production lines for unsweetened and sweetened condensed milk in cartons and tins, light unsweetened condensed milk, flavoured milk in tubes, UHT cream, UHT milk, butter, skimmed granulated milk powder and the whole range of fresh products. Modern aseptic packing lines allow to use carton packaging of various basis weight and multi-pack carton packagin


The high quality of products has been confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions. All in all, the Cooperative and its product have been presented with over 100 of awards, medals and distinctions. It should be emphasised that the 500g unsweetened condensed milk was awarded the Gold Medal of Polagra Food International Poznan Fair in 2002, the 500g light unsweetened condensed milk was awarded the Gold Medal in 2003, the same award was presented to the chocolate dessert in 2004, the 250g extra butter in 2006 and the condensed sweetened boiled cocoa milk in 2007. During Polagra Food Fair in 2008 the Cooperative was presented with the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski Entrepreneurship Award in the Food Sector.


In the ranking of domestic dairy cooperatives associated under the National Association of Dairy Cooperatives (KZSM), every year the Gostyn Dairy Cooperative takes one of the leading positions. In 2004 the company was awarded the Exemplary Food Producer Statuette. The motto “Quality is the Only Way” brings a great responsibility therefore, to strengthen the position of the Dairy Cooperative in the market and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management, the company implemented a Quality System complying with the international ISO 9001:1994 standard and later, complying with the new ISO 9001:2000 standard and HACCP system, in accordance with Codex Alimentarius in 2000, certified by a renowned company, Lloyd's Register Assurance Limited. In 1999 the Cooperative was in the group of the first manufacturers meeting the A category veterinary requirements, which authorised to export product to the EU countries. Since 2000 the Cooperative has been exporting goods to the EU markets and presently takes part in the intra-EU exchange of goods.

In 2004 the Gostyn Dairy Cooperative was granted authorization to export goods to the countries of the Russian Federation, in June 2005 the Cooperative received the British Retail Consortium standard certificate, recognized by the retail chains (re-certified every year by Lloyd's Register).

In 2007 the Cooperative launched a wide range of new products: unsweetened condensed milk with 10% fat content (Premium), 12%, 18% and 36% UHT cream in "prisma" packaging with a cap, aloe, cranberry and red orange drinking yogurts as well as sweetened condensed boiled cocoa milk and boiled fudge milk.


In September 2007 a new production line for UHT cream and condensed milk in combifitSmall packaging with a modern combiSmart screw cap was put into operation. The combiSmart screw cap is designed to facilitate measured pouring of liquid and re-closing of the used pack.

The customers are more and more interested in light unsweetened milk with added magnesium or fibre and UHT milk under "Supermleko" brand with increased Ca and A+D vitamins content.

For several years now the Dairy Cooperative has been supplying milk in 250g packs to schools in the Wielokopolskie and Dolnośląskie Voivodships under the “Milk for school” programme.

A few facts from the history of the Dairy Cooperative in Gostyn:

  • The Dairy was incorporated in July 1889.
  • The first founding members of the Cooperative (10) used to supply 2500-3000 litres of milk a day.
  • In 1919 the Dairy was named the Dairy Cooperative in Gostyń.
  • In 1929 the Dairy was visited by Ignacy Mościcki, the President of the Second Republic of Poland.
  • The Cooperative became state-owned in 1951 and in 1957 it recovered the status of a cooperative.
  • The Gostyńskie Butter received the 1st class quality mark in 1963.
  • In 1967 the Cooperative received a permission to identify its butter with the “Q” mark and an export licence, as the first plant in the country.
  • The Gostyńskie Butter has been exported to Great Britain and Vatican since 1952.
  • The condensed milk and milk powder production facilities were put into operation in 1979.
  • In 1996 the company started to produce UHT milk and cream.
  • The ISO quality certificate award ceremony was held in 1998.

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