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bottom Wiesław Bober
Chef recommends

Wiesław Bober

An excellent Polish chef, a brand ambassador of our products for 5 years. It promotes traditional Polish cuisine combined with modern. He has been awarded many times and honored for his work.
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Unsweetened condensed milks
Perfect for coffee, tea, cocoa. Perfect for baking and creams, ingredient in liqueurs and sauces.
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Unsweetened light and light with additives condensed milks
Perfect for coffee, tea, cocoa. Ideal for active people who need to supplement vitamins.
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Sweetened condensed milks
Ideal for for pancakes, wafers, waffles. Perfect for filling buns and biscuits, excellent for ice-creams and desserts.
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UHT creams
Good whipping - perfect as cream for cream cakes. Ideal for cakes and desserts. May be served as addition to ice creams, wafer and fruit.
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Milk for foaming
Product ideal for everyone, who regularly use coffee machine and drink latte/macchiato/cappuccino.
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Milk powders
Convenient to use, e.g. while traveling. It can be used as an addition to dishes, pastries, cocktails, as an ingredient of masses and creams for cakes and wafers. Milk powders have many applications in the food industry, incl. in confectionery, bakery, production of food concentrates and others.
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For smearing bread, baking as an ingredient in cakes, creams, cooking and frying.
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Sliced cheese
Perfect for sandwiches at any time of the day. Perfect for breakfast and dinner.
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Fresh products - liquid
Clear beverage or basic ingredient of cocoa or muesli. Essential to make cakes, desserts and ice creams.
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HoReCa products
Dedicated to the dynamically developing hotel and catering sector.
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True or false?

Milk should be drunk every day. True

Milk and milk products should be included in the daily diet because otherwise it is difficult to meet the recommended daily intake standards, in particular for calcium and B2 vitamin.

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