SM w Gostyniu

Today, we launch a new promotion campaign of gostyńskie light condensed coffee milks - unsweetened, with fibre and  magnesium. The last product was awarded the statuette of the Polish Association of Dairy Cooperative for the highest quality. We are also proud of the 2010 Year Quality awarded by the Programme Jury in the innovation category. Therefore, the Gostyńskie Light Condensed Milk is designed for those people who appreciate market novelties and for whom nutritional values of products are important. Watch our latest advertising spot. We discover a brand new image of the Gostyńskie Milk.

screen kampania

Do you know that?

The bone mineralisation process ends when a person is about 30, the accumulated calcium is used as a reserve throughout the rest of life and, consequently, the amount of the element is naturally reduced, at first slowly (about 1% a year) and then quicker and quicker.

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