SM w Gostyniu

The Dairy Cooperative in Gostyń sincerely thanks everyone for coming and for the great time we spent together during the Milk Day in Gostyń This day was full of excitement, small and great victories, records and delicious treats - simply a great fun. We hope that you will bear memories in mind for a long time, at least until the next year's Milk Day.

Let's us recall how we enjoyed this day together...

The event was officially opened. Here, we wish to thank all our sponsors and partners as we would not have been able to provide so many attractions without their help!


Milk Run

We started with a bang as the first event was the Milk Run. This mass run was organized for the second time in cooperation with the Sports and Recreation Centre in Gostyń. The runners were provided with T-shirts specially prepared for the event. The run attracted over 300 amateur runners. They were divided into age and gender categories. The start and the finish were located on the Square Market in Gostyń. The 5-km route led along: Olejniczaka Street –> Wrocławska Street –> Energetyka Street –> Wrocławska Street–> Olejniczaka Street. The winner was awarded the Cup of Gostyń Mayor. Other winners of individual categories were also awarded cups and prizes. We also randomly distributed gifts among all the runners.

Fudge waffle record breaking

Hungry ... for sensations and emotions, we could admire near the stage on the Market Square how the waffle pyramid was skyrocketing at a breathtaking pace. Several assistants filled waffles with fudge to erect the tallest possible structure. The more Gostyń fudge cans were emptied, the taller the sweet tower was. The record was broken! The waffle structure was 126 cm high. This impressive pyramid was precisely measured and then sliced into pieces and treated to all the sweet lovers.

Culinary Contest of Farmers' Wives Associations

One Farmers' Wives Association from each commune of Gostyń county was invited to the best buttermilk cake contest. Each association was to bake a cake based on buttermilk and our other products. Cakes baked by farmers' wives were assessed by the contest jury. The jury considered the appearance and flavour of each cake. It was an incredibly difficult challenge for the jury as ladies did their best and prepared beautifully arranged coffee tables together with their cakes and portions for the jury. There was no end to tasting and assessing. The first prize was awarded to the "Buttermilk Ecstasy" made by the Farmers' Wives Association in Siemowo.

Attractions for the youngest

At 02:00 p.m. there commenced the dance and music event. We had an opportunity to admire performances of local dance groups and listen to vocal groups. Between individual performances the winners of the previous contests - the above-mentioned Milk Run, the culinary contest of the Famers' Wives Association, and the art contest - were awarded prizes.

Off the stage

The Milk Day events were held in various places. Although the stage performances attracted the most attention, each person could find something interesting in the programme: art contests and plays for the youngest, the stilt walker, the exhibition of the best works awarded in the package design contest. Those who were thirsty could drink coffee served at the Astra stand, purchase our products and admire baristers making coffee beverages. Each person could be inspired and make similar delights at home.
At 03:00 p.m. the children's playground was opened on the Castle Hill. Children could take part in sports games and contests such as the shield shot, basket shot, hula hop dance or lasso. Those who were looking for the stronger sensations could admire the show of the Unia Leszno speedway riders.

Main stage and the star of the evening

Robert Rozmus, the host of our event, together with the Jobers band provided all the people with a great fun. Their dynamic hit concert was only a warm-up before the performance of the main star. Rozmus' group played rhythmically , funny and with vigour.
The later it was getting, the greater tension there was noticed on the Market Square in Gostyń. The crowd continued to grow until the Market Square was filled to the brim! All the gathered people were waiting with baited breath for the star of the evening - Margaret with her band! This sympathetic young girl immediately won over the audience. Her friendly attitude and the show of vocal and instrumental skills conquered the hearts of the audience. The star sang her best known songs.

The Milk Day ended late in the evening. We sincerely thank all the participants and guests who specially came to this event! See you next year. :)

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