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We are pleased to announce that we are about to launch onto the market a new product - Zanetti butter.

The Italian-brand Zanetti, famous for its cheeses, in particular parmesan cheese, chose us to make a new product. Our dairy provided its most precious product - milk. Therefore, we have produced the top-quality Italian-licensed butter. Thanks to the carefully selected recipe, our butter has a natural flavour and smell and no preservatives. The package secured with the label band (the only such security in Poland) is not only the symbol of quality but also the security that ensures the freshness of the product for a long time.

At the moment, this butter is available in chains of Alma, Intermarche, E.Leclerc and Selgros stores. We are constantly working on expanding the distribution.

Our butter is used by chef Giancarlo Russo - one of the most renowned chefs in Poland, a member of the Chefs Club Fund associating the most renowned chefs in Poland. He was the long-standing President of the Association of Italian Chefs in Poland. He was the only official chef of the Episcopate in Poland who prepared dishes for two Popes - John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

We kindly encourage you to taste the best!



Do you know that?

The bone mineralisation process ends when a person is about 30, the accumulated calcium is used as a reserve throughout the rest of life and, consequently, the amount of the element is naturally reduced, at first slowly (about 1% a year) and then quicker and quicker.

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